Dog Walking

Tired of spending your lunch hour on a long commute?  One of our pet care professionals would love to take your pup for a walk in the park or a romp in the backyard while you are at work. Your pup would have the same dog walker every day, so they develop a relationship with their new Pet Hero! Your pet will enjoy:

  • Plenty of exercise and playtime
  • Fresh water and a clean washed bowl
  • Treats at your discretion
  • Cuddles, snuggles, and TLC
  • Reinforcement for your training techniques and housebreaking instructions

You will be notified via email as soon as your pet’s walk is completed with the walk route and details of the fun your pup had with their Pet Hero!

Dog Sitting

Research states your pet is happier and less likely to experience anxiety if they remain in their home environment while you are away. Pet Heroes Pet Care Professionals are chosen from the most devoted of animal lovers and carefully screened and background checked.  Our friendly staff members are bonded, insured, certified in pet first aid, and covered by workman’s compensation for their safety and your peace of mind. Pet Heroes offers the convenience of an online scheduling system, so you can update your pet’s care information or adjust your schedule at any time.
Your dog sitting visits can be completely customized to include: Feeding with bowls washed at each visit Walks Medication Backyard exercise Mail, package, and newspaper retrieval Plant care Taking out the trash and bringing cans in the next day. Turn lights on and off to make your home look occupied After each visit, you will receive an email with details of your pup’s visit with their Pet Hero, so you can rest easy knowing your pet is happy, healthy, and comfortable and your home is safe and secure as well. Overnight are available upon request.

Cat Sitting

At Pet Heroes, we understand your home is your cat’s kingdom.  There is no place like home to your kitty, and your feline’s comfort is our top priority. Cats are creatures of habit, so your kitty’s usual routine is very important to your pet care professional.  Your customized pet profile will include all of your specifications, so your feline will not be stressed by changes to the daily routine. You can customize your visits to include:

  • Where does your cat prefer to eat?
  • What time of day is your cate usually fed?
  • Where does your cat like to sleep?
  • Is your cat a social butterfly or a solitary observer?
  • Which toy is your cat’s favorite?
  • Where do they hide?
  • Do they like to drink from a running faucet?

Your cat gets to dictate the course of their pet visit.  If your feline wishes to play, our pet care professionals are happy to oblige.  Our Pet Heroes can read your kitty’s signals if they desire to be left alone, and we are willing to respect their wishes. Our convenient online scheduling system allows you to update your cat’s care information at any time in case your feline decides belly rubs are now off limits at the last minute.

Customize your visits:

  • Feeding with fresh water including washing bowls at each visit
  • Playtime
  • Litter box cleaning
  • Medication
  • Snuggling, petting, or brushing
  • Mail, package, and newspaper retrieval
  • Plant care
  • Taking out the trash to the curb, and bringing cans in the next day. (for residential areas)
  • Turning lights on and off to make the home look occupied.

Our smart phone app check in system allows your pet care professional to notify you and check in with real-time updates direct to your email at the end of every visit. You will receive email updates immediately after each pet visit with details on your pet’s interaction with their own personal Pet Hero! Overnight visits available upon request.

Pet Sitting

As animal lovers, we don’t stop at just dogs and cats.  Pet Heroes provides affectionate care for rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, birds, sugar gliders, reptiles, and other small animals. Your pet care professional is carefully screened, background checked, certified in pet first aid, and training in animal behavior, so you know your pets and your home are safe in our hands. Pet Heroes offers the convenience of an online scheduling system, so you can update your pet’s care information or adjust your schedule at any time 365 days a year. Your completely customized pet visits include:

  • Feeding including washing bowls at each visit.
  • Litter box or cage cleaning
  • Mail, package, and newspaper retrieval
  • Plant care
  • Taking the trash out to the curb and back in the next day
  • Turn lights on and off to make the home look occupied

You will receive an email update immediately after your pet visit is completed, so you can rest easy knowing your furry friends are safe, healthy, and happy. Overnight visits available upon request.

Convenient Online Scheduling

You can schedule your pet visits or update your pet’s care information at any time. Our scheduling software is available 24 hours per day 365 days per year. Registering is easy! Your email confirmation will confirm all of your visits to put your mind at ease. You can schedule with confidence with Pet Heroes.  As soon as you book an appointment online, we receive an email with all of the details.  Once we have your pet care professional assigned to your pet visits, we will approve your appointment.  You will receive an email confirmation, so that you know that Pet Heroes will be there to care for your pets! Register now to see just how easy it is to get started with Pet Heroes!

Why Do Employees Matter?

Before hiring a staff member, applicants go through nationwide, state, and county background checks, multiple interviews, and a pre-employment assessment survey.

Our Employees:

  • Receive extensive education and training including certification in pet first aid before they enter your home.
  • Must adhere to our high level of care standards to keep your pets safe and secure.
  • Are important to the success of our company, and we value their loyalty.

When a company uses independent contractors, there is a minimal screening process, and the company is unable to supervise the contractor.  That independent contractor can then contract out to another contractor without notifying the company.  You would not know if the contractor had been trained or even if they have insurance and neither would the company you hired.

Utilizing employees allows us to maintain a consistent high quality of care for your pets.  All of our staff members are covered by workman’s compensation to make sure they are protected as well as you and your home.

Trust your pet to a hero you can count on.


Visit End Reports

  • Pet Heroes uses the latest technology to check in with you at every visit.
  • You know exactly what time we enter and leave your home.
  • You can view the exact route your dog took on their walk using Google map technology.
  • You know exactly who was in your home each visit.
  • Our digital checklist makes sure your pet’s routine was followed.
  • A personal summary of the fun your pet had during their visit comes straight to your email.
  • You can even view pictures of your pet while out with their Pet Hero!

At Pet Heroes, we have all of the extra measures in place to make sure your pet is happy and safe at all times.  When you receive your check in after each visit, you can rest assured knowing your pet received the very best care possible. A comforting reminder sent directly to your inbox at the end of every visit.

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Dog Training


Private Training In Your Home

Customized training sessions in your home to teach you how to train your dog

Dog Tutoring

Training sessions in your home while you are at work to learn new behaviors and reinforce your dog’s training – this program is similar to a board and train program without having to spend time away from your furry friend!

Obedience Classes

Group classes where we teach you how to train your dog new behaviors and help with problem behaviors.

Behavior Counseling

Private training sessions in your home to help you and your pup work through solutions to behavior problems



All of our classes use positive reinforcement. Our training is gentle and fun for you and your pet! Items You Will Need for Class ​1. Your dog 2. Six foot leash (no retractable leashes) 3. Buckle or snap collar (no choke or prong collars allowed) 4. Treats (broken into tiny pieces) 5. Treat pouch or bag to hold treats

Next Class


7:30pm July 25th, 2018 – Palatine
Loving Care Animal Hospital
Call 847-963-8887 to register.


Beginner Obedience

5 week course with a fun and gentle atmosphere where you can learn basic obedience commands including sit, stay, down, heel, leave it, wait, and come. You will be amazed at how quickly you will learn how to communicate with your canine companion and how fast they will respond to commands from you.

Pet First Aid

Your pets are at greater risk of death or injury from preventable accidents than any other reason. Taking the correct actions can significantly increase the chances of survival. Pet Heroes is proud to offer Pet Tech’s pet first aid and care classes for pet owners and pet care professionals. First Aid and Care for your Pets Four hour class with certification including pet first aid, restraint and muzzling, rescue breathing, CPR, choking management, bleeding protocols, fractures, poisoning, insect bites, heatstroke, burns, frostbite, seizures, snout-to-tail assessment, first aid kit contents, and administering medications. Classes do fill up fast so register online below.

Next Class

April 28, 2018 Rolling Meadows, IL 11am – 3pm

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